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Wandering through the Edina Art Fair seems a rare luxury these days. Seems there is never quite enough time to make the effort. Focusing only on those things that truly captured my attention, there were some clear standouts. Recognize that I’m no art critic.

Shawn Carling

The image above is from the website background of an amazing local artist from Lakeville, MN at Machine Age Lamps. Shawn creates steampunk light fixtures. I just dig this stuff.

Art Hough

An artist hailing from Colorado, and operating Colorado Barrel Designs does amazing things with old wine and whiskey barrels and metal. What’s not to like? The website states:

We strive to push the limits of what can be done with a wine or whiskey barrel. Strong functionality, bold aesthetics, and a little ingenuity lead the charge against disposable throwaway furniture that saturates the marketplace.

Julie Roth

When I saw Julie’s work, I was completely blown away. The illustrations and oils are absolutely captivating. Many artists seem to be taking advantage of advanced printing technology to produce prints of their work, and Julie has done well with the process. Julie is a freelance artist and illustrator from Milwaukee, WI and is a graduate of the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design. You can see her work at Roth Illustration.