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The teardown of that beautiful Sportster purchased just under a month ago is nearing completion. The windshield came off first, then the exhaust. A fair amount of time was spent carefully removing all the chrome accessories. In the end, the chopper will have few, if any accessories, and as little chrome as possible.


The fluids were drained, then the air filter, gas tank, oil tank and rear master cylinder were removed. The foot controls are off, along with the top and top-front motor mounts. The rear suspension, wheel and drive belt are next, along with the throttle cable connections to the carburetor, and the clutch cable. After the last few things are disconnected, the motor can be removed and benched.

The motor will eventually be set in a nifty new engine stand, but for the moment, 2×4’s will have to do. While the frame travels across the country, there should be plenty of time to design and build something suitable.