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Some research on the interwebs reveals that a Sportster motor weighs between 135 – 175 lbs. Since this seemed like more than the average guy could handle without assistance, it was necessary to do some additional research. Test: 1) visit the gym, 2) find a pair of 75 lbs. barbells, and 3) work with them to see what you’re capable of. Fail.

The next plan was to secure some mechanical support. Thanks again to Harbor Freight, I found a nifty 1 ton push beam trolley. Fortunately, my garage sports a nifty I-beam to support the weight of the house. In combination with some ancient canvas moving straps, some newly acquired ratchet straps and some good old fashioned wrestling, the motor didn’t stand a chance.

It’s very possible that a few things got bent or broken during the process, but I’m not terribly concerned. I left the thing hang for the night in the garage. Penance.